Wings Watch
Creating something for a family member and then converting that into a premium product for a niche market, is quite a big challenge. However, Frank Christian’s design approach was first all about creating an experience that built a powerful connection between the watch and its owner. His design approach was holistic in the sense that it combined insights, design, technology and expertise to create a relevant but differentiated experience exclusively for pilots.

Everything about this unique pilot’s watch has been designed keeping a superior experience in mind, while also ensuring that the brand’s image remains premium and exclusive.

Handsome black WINGS Legacy Box

WINGS legacy box

The WINGS watch comes in a handsome black WINGS Legacy Box, which doubles up as both a watch box and a place to store archival items. The WINGS Legacy Box sports a push button front and shiny WINGS logo on the lid.

Created out of exotic Mahogany wood, the legacy box is luxury personified with the watch lovingly nestled on a soft cushion pod. The WINGS experience starts here and Frank Christian has laboured for hours to ensure everything is perfect when it comes to the design of this box. He’s sure you will be well pleased with the outcome.

From the archives

Frank once had a contract to fly traffic routes for a local radio station (WBBQ), and also started a Flying Tiger Club for youngsters. They would be issued a membership card that entitled them to discounts from various merchants. He has an instrument rating, commercial license (helicopter and fixed wing) and multi-engine rating.

Frank Christian’s story


WINGS tags and booklet

Along with the watch, comes the WINGS dog tag personalised with your name and ownership details.