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Sweeping blue skies, lush fairways, a cameras’ lens and the passion to create a memorable product experience was where this story began. Frank Christian Jr., born in Gulfport, Mississippi, in October 1935, was the second of 8 children – 6 boys and 2 girls. His father, who was a photographer, had temporarily moved the family there for a work assignment. However, a month later it was back to Augusta, GA, where Frank continues to reside.

From 1933 to 2000, three generations of the Christian family narrated the story of the Masters Golf tournament through the lens of a camera. Frank Christian Jr. was the third and last generation of this incredible family of official club photographers of the Augusta National. Frank Christian Jr. was the official photographer of the Augusta National Golf Club for four decades.

Frank grew up among golfing legends and his office is a museum of the greatest moments of the Masters. Every picture and painting in his office is an original and from a very young age Frank understood the value of creating unique and premium memorabilia which would be passed down from generation to generation.

Official club photographers of the Augusta National
Along with photography, Frank is also an accomplished commercial pilot. His interest in aviation was rooted in a childhood fantasy of him falling from a hill, and then he started flapping his arms like they were wings so he could stop himself from falling. In this dream he ended up flying over trees and houses. He took his first airplane ride when he visited Augusta Aviation in the ’40s (he was 6 years old), and soaring high up in the air brought back memories of that dream. He felt that he must have been destined to acquire this skill. Fortunately, he was able to start flying in his early teens at Daniel Field airport with Roy Harris, Jr., a family friend.

Frank went on to graduate from Richmond Academy and continued his education at the University of Georgia, Augusta. Subsequently, he joined the US Air Force, where he continued to enhance his flying skills. His stint in the Air Force resulted in a dramatic event in his life, as he was posted in England and that’s where he met his wife, Jackie. His exit from the Air Force brought him back to Augusta – his roots – and the photography business, where he’d learned the trade at a very early age.

Frank as a pilot

Frank continued to fly for business and pleasure. He then began to take his kids out to the airfields, to inspire them to fall in love with aviation. Eventually his son Edward joined the U.S. Air Force, flew F-16s during the first Gulf War and has been a pilot for Delta Airlines for 24 years. Frank’s daughter Laura Nehf also became a pilot and was one of the youngest pilots to fly solo in Augusta. Recently, Edward’s son William also ended up flying by getting his licence at the age of 16.

Frank’s business ventures were very successful and carried him all over the world, allowing him to meet VIPs from Hollywood stars and golf professionals to TOP-notch politicians (including a visit with a former US president) and radio personalities. He also authored a book, which was published, and earned the honour of being the number one sports book in 1998. This book detailed the history of the Augusta National Golf Club and Masters Tournament with outstanding photography. Flying played a dominant role in Frank’s life, and his airplane collection includes a Taylorcraft, Luscombe, Thorpe T18, Mooney M20, Tri-Pacer, Stinson Voyager and RV6.

The idea for the WINGS Watch was conceived in 1977 by Frank when Edward, was about to fly solo. Frank looked around for a gift that would mark his son’s achievement. As he couldn’t find anything memorable enough he personally designed the WINGS Watch. “Only military pilots wear their wings” Frank thought, so the idea that any pilot could wear his wings on his watch was born. The idea expanded to adding Red Chevron Links to the black watch band, one Red Chevron Link for each rating the pilot has obtained. Over the course of one year, Frank bought his vision to reality and today the WINGS Watch is commercially available to buy through this website.

WINGS Watch for pilots

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